What to Do If You Discover a Roof Leak

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What to Do If You Discover a Roof Leak

Your home is a big investment and the last thing anyone wants is a roof leak.

No one wants to be running for a bucket every time it rains or staying on top of the weather report to prevent rainwater dripping into your home.

Did you recently discover a roof leak in your home? Don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Follow these steps immediately when you find a leak.

How Does Water Leakage from Roof Happen?

Improper preventative maintenance to your roof will increase the likelihood of a roof leak. Maintaining your gutters will help prevent water leakage from your roof.

Many roofs are filled with spots that will leak only if water does not properly flow off the roof. Any water blockage can cause a leak.

Clearing leaves and debris from your gutters will allow water to flow normally and prevent a roof leak repair.

Roof leaks can also be the result of heavy rain and a few missing shingles. Water will come into your home through worn, broken, or missing shingles.

Poorly sealed or corroded roof flashing around vents, skylights, or chimneys will also allow water leakage from roof.

How to Find a Roof Leak?

The source of most roof leaks can be tricky to locate because it is not located in the same spot as the leak in your home. 

Most of the time a roof leak will originate in the attic or ceiling until it makes its way into a light fixture, heating register, ceiling joint, or ceiling corners. Some leaks even occur in multiple places which makes it much harder to find the source.

The best time to look for a rook leak is during the day. Go into the attic with a flashlight and look above the place where the drip has occurred. Work your way uproof looking for wetness along the framing members.

Other signs are watermarks, stains, or discolorations on the wood made by constant moisture. Try and turn off your flashlight and look for any holes where daylight shows through the roof.

How to Fix a Leaking Roof

In order to make a leaking roof repair, it is important to act quickly as soon as you notice a leak.

You will notice a swollen spot in the ceiling which indicates pooling water. Use a screwdriver to poke a small hole to release built-up water. It is better to make a small hole than to allow the weight of the water to eventually cause your ceiling to collapse.

Do not try and make a roof leak repair yourself. You could cause serious damage to your roofing system. If the job is not done correctly the evidence of the poor workmanship may not be noticed straight away but down the road could lead to worse damage.

An experienced roofer will know how to handle the type of damage done to your roof and will be able to repair it quickly, efficiently and safely. 

Locate the Leak and Seek Professional Services

Take your time to locate your home’s roof leak. It can be a tricky process but not as tricky as allowing the leak to worsen over time.

Do not try a DIY roof leak repair. It is harder than it looks. Contact your local roofer today!

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