5 Facts to Know About Switching to a Solar Rooftop

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5 Facts to Know About Switching to a Solar Rooftop

If the entire world switched to solar panels to power their homes, the global climate crisis would be over. But even on a smaller scale, there are many economic and environmental benefits to choosing solar power.

For one thing, you would not be affected by the time of use rates and you would see your electricity bill take a nosedive. 

But is a solar rooftop right for you? Here are 5 things to know before you install solar panels on your roof. 

1. There are Government Rebates

When you are considering installing solar panels on the roof, it’s good to research the rebates available to you.

In many states, there are rebates to help offset the cost of solar rooftop panels. Your solar panel technician may know about the rebates in your area. Or you can search online by checking out your local utility company and the Department of Energy website.

Roof mount solar panels can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000. So any rebates you can get your hands on will help.

2. Roof Requirements

The next thing you should know before you get started with roof mounting solar panels is whether your roof can handle having solar panels.

For one thing, look at the shape, size, and pitch of your roof. All these will impact whether solar panels are feasible and wise. 

If your roof isn’t the right angle for the sun or doesn’t have enough room, you likely won’t get the return you’d hoped for on your panels. 

3. Your Solar Window

Also, if your roof is in shade for the majority of the day, then you might not be getting enough sun time to justify solar panels.

Finally, if your roof is nearing its lifespan, you should consider roof replacement before installing solar panels. 

4. Methods of Connecting to the Grid 

You need to understand the different ways you can connect your solar power system to the grid. 

This is the time to ask lots of questions of your local electricity company. Find out how long it will take to get hooked up and if there are fees. Also, how and when will you be credited for your generated electricity?

5. Explore the Warranties 

When you install solar panels on roofs you have to understand that there are three types of warranties you need to be aware of.

Solar Panel Warranty

The solar panel warranty covers your actual panels. The industry standard is a 25-year warranty.

Be wary of any manufacturer that offers a shorter warranty. 

This warranty covers a specific minimum power output over the warranty period of the panel.

Installation Warranty

The company that installs your solar panels will also offer their own warranty on the installation.

This warranty can range from 2-10  years. The installation warranty covers labor, and parts if repairs are needed as well as defective parts.

Be sure to ask your contractor about their warranty before you get started. 

Knowing Your Solar Rooftop

It’s a good idea to understand all the aspects of your solar rooftop before you make this substantial investment. 

We hope this article has given you a few more things to think about before you commit to solar panels.

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