Reasons to Avoid DIY Roof Replacement

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Reasons to Avoid DIY Roof Replacement

Maybe you fancy yourself as being handy around the house.

You can change the oil in your care, you’ve built and hung shelves and you even managed to handle a small kitchen remodel.

At this point, you may be wondering if you can save some money by replacing your roof yourself. Besides, you can buy the materials on your own.

If you’re giving some thought to attempting a DIY roof replacement, we’re here to strongly advise against it.

There are many, many reasons you should leave this type of job to a professional.

If you’re not a professional roofer, you’re bound to make mistakes

Sure, you may think that watching a few DIY roof replacement videos will bring you up to speed, but you couldn’t’ be more wrong. When you work with a professional roofing company, you’ll be able to trust that the work will be done correctly. A DIY weekend warrior is far more likely to make critical mistakes—which can cost a lot more to fix in the long run.

You’ll void any warranty you would have received on materials

When you work with a licensed roofer you’ll receive a warranty on materials and labor. When a novice decides to reroof their home, the materials manufacturer won’t provide you with a warranty. Why? Because there will be no guarantee that the materials will have been installed correctly. When you reroof your home, you’ll want to make sure the job comes with a warranty. This will be especially important if you run into problems down the road.

You could get injured

If you’re not used to spending your days on top of a roof you’re unlikely to be familiar with proper safety procedures. Novice homeowners are far more likely to seriously injure themselves during an attempted roof replacement. Licensed, insured roofers know how to get the job done right and they know how to get the job done safely.

Professional roofers can get the job done faster

The reason a professional roofer in Denver can complete this type of job faster is because this is what they do for a living. They know what steps need to be taken and which order the steps will need to be completed. They also know how to work efficiently. In most cases, a pro can reroof a home in three to four days, depending on weather conditions and the types of roofing materials that are being used.

Call Denver’s Best Roofers today!

At Denver’s Best Roofers we have years of experience in reroofing commercial and residential homes. We’re licensed and insured, and we provide a warranty on both materials and workmanship. If you think it’s time to reroof your home, call us today to schedule a free, no-hassle, no-obligation roof replacement estimate.

Remember, scheduling an estimate is not a commitment to having the work done. Call us today to learn why we’re the top-rated choice for roof replacement in Northern Colorado.

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