5 Roof Tips That Will Prepare You for a Roof Replacement

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5 Roof Tips That Will Prepare You for a Roof Replacement

Your roof has bitten the proverbial dust. Fortunately, you have a crew coming to replace it within the week. But now you’re wondering: is there anything you need to do to prepare? 

The answer is yes! Without further ado, here are 5 roof tips that will prepare you for a roof replacement. 

1. Cover Valuable Items in Your Attic

Do you have valuables stored in your attic? If so, you’re advised to cover them up prior to your roofing replacement. 

Roofing replacements are characterized by hammering, stomping, and other forms of physical impact. This physical impact is sure to knock dust loose from your roof, forcing it to cascade down onto the possessions in your attic. If they’re not covered, they could be ruined. 

2. Park Vehicles Away from Your Home

During a roofing replacement, old roofing materials are thrown from the roof to the ground below. As such, anything that sits below the roof could be subject to unwanted physical contact. 

For this reason, you’re advised to park your vehicles away from your home prior to the replacement. If possible, you should have your driveway cleared entirely. 

3. Clean Up the Landscape

There are a variety of landscaping tasks that need to be carried out prior to a roofing replacement. First and foremost, make sure that there are no tree branches in the general proximity of your roof. The crew will need at least 10 feet of clearance in order to perform the necessary work. 

In addition, you’re advised to trim your grass and hedges. This way, discarded roofing materials will not be hidden underneath them, allowing for as quick a cleanup period as possible. 

4. Remove Items from Your Interior Walls

As was noted above, a roofing replacement is characterized by loads of physical contact. In many cases, this physical contact can reverberate through the entire home, causing interior walls to shake uncontrollably. 

This is why, before the replacement begins, you’re advised to remove items from our interior walls. Photographs, portraits, and knick-knacks are at risk of falling and breaking. Don’t allow them to do so. 

5. Take Dogs Out Prior to the Replacement

Have dogs? If so, you undoubtedly have to take them out to go to the bathroom. But when the day of your replacement comes, you need to make sure that you do so before the replacement begins. 

As we’ve noted, during the replacement, discarded roofing materials will be falling off of your roof constantly. You don’t want to expose your beloved pet to these potentially dangerous entities. 

Time to Put These Roof Tips Into Action

If you want to make the roof replacement process as seamless as possible, you’re advised to put these roof tips into action. Not only will they make things easier for the roofing crew, but they’ll also speed up the roofing process, giving you your house back as soon as possible. 

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